The Pottery

Visitors are always welcome to watch Liz making her work in the studio and have a browse around the gallery at the finished pieces. On a sunny day most people like to sit outside with a fresh dairy ice cream, produced for the gallery by a local farm.

Liz has worked in the craft pottery sector since she graduated in 1996 with a ceramic design degree. During this time she has trained with some of the leading names in ceramics today, both from the UK and Japan. This has included completing a four and a half year pottery apprenticeship. In 2002 she was awarded the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship for her achievements in the craft sector.

The entire pottery production process is carried out on the farm by Liz, from making the clay body to firing the finished pieces in her large gas kiln.

Her work is made completely by hand, predominantly on the potter’s wheel and decorated with traditional oriental glazes. She works with the fluid qualities of her glazes, creating a unity between the shapes she forms and the way in which the glazes change and move in the high temperatures and reduced atmosphere created in the kiln. The techniques and processes she uses make every piece unique.

Liz creates a range of original domestic ware and one off pieces, all finished to the highest level of craftsmanship. Her heart lies in the production of items that can be used and enjoyed in our everyday lives. All work is high fired to 1280 degrees celsius, making it very durable. All pieces are dish washer and microwave safe.

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